2018 Rally Challenge Round 5 – The Rallynuts Stages

The Get it Sideways Stages

Due to the popularity of this event meaning many contenders failing to get an entry, and mechanical issues prior to the start, it was left to Number 1 seed Chris Ransley to fly the FMP / Wales Air Ambulance flag at Down Ampney.

Chris was accompanied by reigning champion Chris Sharpe Simkiss and they hoped to repeat last year’s victory at Down Ampney.

A muddy first stage made it difficult to capitalise on the power of the BMW M3 and a time outside the top 10 was recorded. After climbing to 7th on a drying track and with a podium position still within grasp it was decided to change to slicks.

Unfortunately it did not go their way when Chris put a wheel off the track launching them into the trees. Both gladly escaped with just aches and pains but it is not yet clear whether the car is repairable.

The Rallynuts Stages

Due to the postponement of the Mid Wales Stages the Rallynuts was the second gravel event of the Championship. 35 contenders began the event which is a reserve round, from the Royal Welsh Showground. Points below will be added to Contenders totals if a qualifying gravel round fails to run this year.

Thanks to Sideways Media and EDP Photography for their co-operation

For video highlights of Stages 1 and 5 at Crychan please click on the video below:

Class Winners

*Provisional points for reserve gravel round

The Rallynuts Stages

Dave Brick                                    Toby Brick                 30

Nev Jones                                                                          30

Perry Gardner                                                                   30

Owen McMackin                         Lee Taylor                  30

Dylan Davies                                Llion Williams          28

Kalvin Green                                Osian Owen               28

Colin Griffiths                                                                   24

Owen McConochie                      Rhodri Williams      24

Bob Vardy                                                                         24

Dan Moss                                      Sam Allen                  23

Clive (Selwyn) Jones                                                       23

Peter Jones                                   Graham Joseph        23

Julian Reynolds                           Patrick Walsh           22

Martin Laverty                             Phil Kenny                21

David Jones                                  Glyn Price                 21

Rob Bradley                                  Kevin Booth             20

Martyn England                          Dawn England         20

Lewis Griffiths                                                                 20

Steve Deeley                                 Alan Proudman       19

Damian Pratts                             Johnny Tad Evans   18

Arwel Jenkins                                                                    5

*These points will be added if a qualifying gravel round fails to run.